Now when you fall in love with something on the

editorial pages of top fashion magazines

Magnetique will find the stores that carry it near you!

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See it

See the must
have fashions on
the editorial pages of
InStyle magazine. Launch
the Magnetique app on
your mobile device,
and activate
“Capture” mode.

Tap it

Hold the device over
the page, and tap the
Capture button. You can also
capture the page by simply
tapping the keyboard icon: If
using a computer, go to the
Magnetique website and
enter the issue and
page number.

Find it

lists all the retailers that
have received the item you
want (starting with the stores
closest to you). You can see
them as a list, or in map view.
You'll get the exact address and
contact info of each store.
All online shopping
options are
as well.
it now.